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☮☮Taco ♀ Spiritual St☯re☮☮

tinctue we are now selling exquisite RARE tinctures custom blended with the purest ingredients.

Cheese Pizza Blend - $12.99 ☾☼

A natural ✌ remedy for relieving anxiety and boredom and anxious laziness/sitting in bed on tumblr all day. Also  a powerful ancient de-hangoverizer used since the early 1980’s in pre-cupcakis olympia. Dissolve one dropper at 3 am in a 12 oz can of Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew for best results.

Nicki Minaj Hot Pink Lipstick Extract - $13.50 ♡♢

A powerful adaptogen, this herb has been used for enhancing energy by releiving stress since it was brought to the America by Saint YungMoneys. Also a mild aphrodisiac and spazzmadic. Take two droppers before riding the 41 bus to school at 8 am and again with an elderberry cocktail at the goth disco dance party in the bathroom after accidently flirting with the bartender for self-positive nurturing transcending love to translate from techno beats.



TV SCREEN - $23.42 this is a natural  television screen crystal formation, this screen was playing beavis and butthead in 1995 when it broke and began to form in this beautiful cluster. ancient energies from kurt cobain and future flannel mother nature.  TV screen crystal is perfect for those trying to decrease painful/annoying memory and power. TV screen has strong healing powers which can transmute lower energy in to higher frequencies, turning bad vibes in to loving energy <3  <3 and fire spinning bonfires on the bluff. Use with third eye chakra for a meditative MTV experience.


FRUITY PEBBLE CLUSTER - $16.36 Natural #most known unknown / VERY organix cluster of pure fruity pebbles is an essential in every crystal healers paper bag. Use to open solar plexus chakra to find stability in imbalanced times, to help with sleeping and playing Mario Kart. ★ COLOR AND LIGHT ARE INSEPARABLE. ★ rainbow power there is a light in u. anti-ego nurturing sweet rock.

As we get our shop running, we will update with more natural products 100% organix tinctures made from the gatorade blue sweat of cage free ravers and natural #rare healing crystals mined from the mud of ΔShell Beach♒ in Olympia, WA. (bEACH bUMS impeccably untraditional)


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

how to text ur crush

look im 2 hungover 4 this


taurus - word yea hit me up lol

gemini - let’s go get some pizza

cancer - 


leo - a haiku by dilnn jonston (eggy dillard)

virgo - a/s/l?

libra - dave

scorpio  - ketamine

sag - tamaguccimane?? omfg??

capricorn - a picture of a dog driving

aquariuan - n2m u?

pisces - xoxo gossip girl

Monday, August 13, 2012
like many geniuses, Colonel Harlan Sanders had a very balanced chart! yum.

like many geniuses, Colonel Harlan Sanders had a very balanced chart! yum.

tasty synastry

happy monday! here’s a hot tip:

make a composite chart of yourself and your crush. you can do this on the internet. usually all they do is put their chart on top of your chart. these combo charts often look like spiderwebs, kites or shower drains, but sometimes they can look like something more. if you are confused by what the stars are telling you, or if it makes you a little hungry, we’re here to help sort it out.

if it looks like a PIZZA:

everyone will like you together, but sometimes you’ll get a little cheesy. is there pepperoni? 

lookin’ at a TACO?:

tacos are kinda dirty, so i dunno if you need help. maybe you should get a chihuahua together?

if it looks like a CIGARETTE:

hot, but fleeting. soon, all you’ll have is some ashes and a cough.


go dancing together. don’t think too hard about where your feelings are coming from: they’re probably coming from your intestines.


it’s true love. you’ll be together forever.


you’ll never get out of bed, except to buy cigarettes. they may get sick of how much you like to watch gossip girl.


they will buy you a rasta hat, and peer-pressure you into smoking too much weed. don’t get anxious; every little thing is gonna be alright.


sorry, but they’re using you for your fast internet. 


WASH YOUR HANDS RIGHT AWAY! work on your communication: all of that mystery doesn’t do anyone any good. 


get a dental license and some black lipstick, quick!







if we missed any, shoot us a line! what do you see when you look at your chart? xoxothis looks like hummus, to me

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